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Adventurers Club Honolulu - Jan - Mar 2020 newsletter

January to March 2020

President’s Message
Hello Adventurers!
First, I would like to thank our outgoing president, Lowell Angell, for organizing a wonderful celebration of our 65 years of adventure at the December meeting, and Donna Wendt and her assistants Ruth Limtiaco and Ted Simon for the always exciting Photo Contest.
     I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with the team of officers and directors who keep the Adventurers’ Club running smoothly, but we can’t do it by ourselves. I would like to encourage all of you to think about how you can help us maintain a successful organization. Can you take reservations one month, but no one has asked? Would you like to present a program about an adventure of your own? Let any member of the board know, and we’ll connect you with the right person.
     Or simply support the club by sending in your dues promptly, attending the meetings and inviting guests. Sometimes it might seem like the program isn’t going to be of interest to you, but I have found some that I wasn’t sure about to be quite fascinating!
     Aloha, Carolyn Gire, President

It’s time to renew your Club dues! Please complete the attached 2020 Renewal Form and send it to Janet Miller at, or mail to her at, 2665 Peter Street, Honolulu HI 96816, no later than January 31, 2020. Please note any changes in your contact information. If there are no changes, please write “NO CHANGES” across it and also return the form to Janet, along with your check payable to The Adventurers’ Club of Honolulu. Dues are $40 for Regular resident members; $25 for Spouse/Partner (non-Regular members) and $25 for non-resident [outside Oahu] members. Please renew promptly! Mahalo!

We are pleased to present the Club’s new officers and directors, followed by their email address.
For the year ending Dec. 31, 2020:
• President: Carolyn Gire
• 1st Vice President and Program Chair: Bill Chapman
• Secretary: Gretchen Arnemann
• Treasurer: Judy Simon
• At-Large Director and Assistant Treasurer: Bill Arnemann
• At-Large Director: Kathy Kane
• Immediate Past President: Lowell Angell
For the year ending Dec. 31, 2021:
• At-Large Director: Nira Cooray
• At-Large Director: Janet Miller

Aloha to our newest members, Stephen Haus, a landscape architect, and Kitty Austria, a former nurse. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and welcome them when you see them at a meeting!

We are sad to report the passing of two of our longtime members, both past presidents of the Club.
Frances (Fran) Dieudonne passed away on October 17, 2019 at age 95. She grew up and went to school in California. Trained as a nurse, she worked in Hilo, Honolulu and Waimea, Kauai. Fran was an avid traveler and journalist chronicling her travels in books on Oceania. She also wrote a book on the life and career of Hawaiian architect Theodore ‘Ted’ Vierra. Besides her long-time membership in The Adventurers’ Club, she also was a member of the Pan Pacific and S.E. Asia Women’s Association, East-West Center, Oahu Badminton Club and Waialua Benedictine Monastery. Fran joined The Adventurers’ Club in 2005 and was president in 2010. She was chair of the membership committee and spearheaded the August Ahlf Memorial Membership Drive in 2010, recruiting 14 new members.

Flemming Carstensen died on October 15, 2019. He was 90. Born in Denmark, he travelled the world, from Cuba to Kenya to Germany to the Australian Outback, and made his home in exotic locales from Papua New Guinea to the highrises of Honolulu, where he lived for the past 47 years. His varied pursuits in these places included being a plantation manager, agricultural inspector and quarantine officer, copra grading and inspection advisor, ship’s captain, small hotel co-owner in California’s gold country, and a real estate broker. He chronicled his fascinating journey through life in his book, “The World of Adventure, a Memoir,” published in 2018. Flemming joined The Adventurers’ Club in 2005 and was president in 2009.

1. Adventurers' Club guests MUST be booked by a Club member via that month’s reservationist.
2. There is a $5 surcharge for any guests NOT Adventurer’s Club full members.
3. When emailing your reservations, put "ADV CLUB RSVP" as subject. Please include your phone number when emailing or telephoning RSVPs.
4. The reservationist will email (or telephone) a confirmation of your RSVP. If you don’t receive a
confirmation, email/telephone AGAIN. If you get no response or are unable to contact the listed
reservationist, please email Carolyn Gire at
5. To insure fairness to all members and to our reservationists, RSVPs will only be accepted beginning the FIRST DAY OF EACH MONTH for that month’s program.
6. Once you have given your entree choice, it IS NOT POSSIBLE to change it. Please kokua!
7. Payment by check is preferred, payable to "Adventurers' Club of Honolulu."
8. Late cancellations and no-shows will be billed.
Spread the word about the Adventurers' Club!
Tell your friends about us and our programs, or consider inviting them as a guest to future programs

January 16, 2020        Outrigger C.C.
Lessons Learned from a Lifelong Adventure: Vietnam and Elsewhere
by guest Jay Hartwell
Jay will share lessons learned from 40-year career during which he continued to seek challenges as he
moved from newspaper reporting to writing an award-winning book to advising university journalists
reporting on the administration, to a Fulbright teaching in Vietnam where news was prohibited, to the pests and weeds that threaten his latest adventure: farming with his son.
                      Outrigger Canoe Club - 2509 Kalakaua Avenue,   6 pm 
Program 7:30 pm (Approximately)
RSVP  Email  Preferred   Contact Brigitte Visser, or call (808) 389-6171

Sunset before the dinner



February 20, 2020       Maple Gardens
La Serenissima: Venice Before the Flood
by member Bill Chapman
Bill will describe a two-week stay in Venice this past summer, discussing some of the problems facing the famous “City of Water.” He will show pictures from his trip, discussing ancient and modern buildings in the city. Bill will also provide a brief summary of the proposals to mitigate tidal surges and other challenges. Of course, there is also the matter of the 280 Euro for a two-hamburger meal at Harry’s Bar! He’ll let you in on other places not to go (and to go) as well.

Beautiful Centerpieces by Janey Lau

Lesley Iaukea's Birthday!


Maple Garden, 909 Isenberg Street   6pm
Parking available in the restaurant lot, on-street, or free at First Hawaiian Bank on
Isenberg & King Street—please give parking stall # to waiter at Maple Garden.

6:45 pm  Gourmet Chinese Buffet with more than 20 items including:  Cold ginger chicken, garlic shrimp, honey spareribs, spicy eggplant, mixed vegetables,kung pao chicken, steamed fish fillet, beef broccoli, soup, noodles, and dessert = $25
Program 7:30 pm (Approximately)
RSVP Email Preferred  Contact  Janey Lau at or call (808) 286-1965


March 19, 2020           Outrigger C.C.
Travel on the Mekong: Angkor Wat and Other Sites
by member Ed Carus
Travel with Ed on a tour of the Mekong River, stretching from Laos to the Vietnam Delta. Always an enjoyable Adventurers’ Club speaker, Ed will provide highlights of the voyage and take his audience on side trips along the way. You’ll see exciting aspects of this important waterway which has provided transportation and sustenance and served as a vital part of daily life along its banks.
 Outrigger Canoe Club - 2509 Kalakaua Avenue, 6 PM    Free parking in club lot
6:45 pm  Dinner
1. Curried Chicken Salad in Papaya: Mango chutney, mixed greens, red grapes = $20
2. Cobb Salad: Chopped Crisp Greens, Tomato, Turkey, Egg, Avocado, Bacon = $20
3. Mahi Mahi: Traditional preparation, spring vegetables, rice, toasted almonds = $31
4. 1/2 Mahi Mahi: Traditional preparation, spring vegetables, rice, toasted almonds = $24
  Please include order with RSVP.   Payment by check preferred please.
Reminder: Coffee/Tea NOT included with your meal. Drink tickets must be purchased with
cash (not check) upon check-in (beer, wine, mixed drinks and soft drinks). NOTE: No Drink Scrip will be sold after 6:30 pm. Please buy whatever you will need when you check in. You may use your scrip during the evening to order drinks.

Program 7:30 pm (Approximately)
RSVP  Email  Preferred   Contact Lori Anderson, or call (808) 744-7965
RSVP by: Thursday, March 12, 2020     Late cancellations and no shows will be billed


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