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Adventurers' Club Newsletter Sep-Dec 2016


Newsletter: September to December, 2016


                  PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
Once again Lowell has assembled a fascinating group of speakers and Ralph has arranged meetings at the old favorite, the Outrigger Canoe Club, and at what may become a new favorite, that’s right, Zippy’s. I’ll bet you didn’t know that Zioppy’s has a meeting room!
The first three talks will cover Hawaii’s business history, the summary is fascinating, the Australian aborigines, then and now, and the early search for pandas. And for the Christmas gathering, Donna will once again organize her traditional and always popular members-only photo contest.
Again, I’d like to thank Lowell and Ralph for their efforts and I look forward to seeing you at up-coming meetings.                              Aloha, Bob Liljestrand, President.

ABOUT OUR NEW VENUE - ZIPPY'S VINEYARD: …We are aware that the past meetings at Wailana Coffee House were challenging, with a small meeting space and limited parking. We will be trying a new venue which should eliminate both those problems and still provide good food at reasonable prices – Zippy’s on Vineyard, near downtown (59 N. Vineyard Blvd, at Maunakea Street). It has a large private meeting space and plentiful free parking, as well as a large menu and good bar service. Plus, they are very pleased to have us there! We look forward to meeting there along with other popular venues.
For each meeting, once you have called in your RSVP and given your entrée choice, it is NOT possible to change it later, including the evening of the program. The entrée selection counts are called in to the restaurant following the RSVP deadline and they prepare only that number of each entree. This ensures faster and easier service and is part of the agreement we make with the restaurant, so PLEASE KOKUA!

                                    DECEMBER  8, 2016                                 
 (Note The Date!) 

                    HOLIDAY PROGRAM                     AND  
                           PHOTO CONTEST                 

(Members Only may Submit photos)
Coordinated by Member, Donna Wendt

   Zippy's Vineyard, 59 N. Vineyard Blvd,                         
                                                        corner of Maunakea St

                                             Past Winners:

Our celebration of the holidays is a festive time and features the popular Members Photo Contest with great prizes and door prizes! Don’t miss it! To help give Donna a headstart on this fun program, please select and send her your best FIVE adventure or travel photo submissions anytime starting NOW! The final submission deadline is December 1st.

A few rules:
1. Submit up to five photos ONLY if you will be attending the Holiday program meeting on Dec 8th.
2. Do not enter photos submitted in previous years.
3. You may send photos as email attachments or in the body of an email message to
4. JPG format is best, but other formats such as PNG or TIFF, even PDF are okay.
5. If unable to submit photos by email, send prints by mail to Donna at: 6370 Hawaii Kai Drive, #6, Hon, HI 96825.
6. For each photo include a caption and where and when it was taken. (on separate email ok)
7. Be sure to attend the meeting so you can give details about each of your photos.

8. Contact Donna by email ( or telephone (808 396-2620) if you have any questions or problems submitting photos.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Prizes!~~~~ Prizes!~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Prizes!~~~~ Prizes!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first 30 members (or a couple) who make a dinner reservation with Erika will receive a small prize!!!

                                                    MENU at ZIPPY'S
             Zippy's Vineyard, 59 N. Vineyard Blvd, corner of Maunakea Street
        Menu: (indicate your choices when you RSVP)
Charbroiled New York Steak (specify how you want it cooked) = $24.00
Grilled Salmon = $20.50
Chicken Katsu - breaded and deep fried, served with katsu sauce = $19.50
   (Above entrees include salad, choice of mashed potato, brown or white rice)
Chef's Salad; Soup - greens, ham, turkey, cheddar, egg, tomato = $20.00
Zippy's famous Chili with choice of brown or white rice = $17.00
    (All entrees include roll and small dessert and choice of tea, coffee, or decaf)
Beer and wine $3 - $6

Erika Wyrtki: or  (808) 949-2229
RSVP by: Thursday, Dec 1st
Late cancellations and no shows will be billed- payment by check preferred

                                     Nov 17th, 2016                                      
                        Australia's Aboriginies:  Then and Now         
              Maple Garden, 909 Isenberg St, Honolulu, HI         
                             by Member: Richard Gould                        
Dick Gould
Richard writes: “Some of you may remember the earlier talk I gave to the Adventurers Club about the Australian Desert Aborigines describing their traditional activities as Betsy and I observed them in 1966-70. In April, 2016, Betsy and I revisited the Warburton Ranges in Western Australia for 2 weeks, and we met with some of the "old timers" who were still around and saw the many changes that had taken place there over the last 50 years. It was a reunion and a catch-up that provided a firsthand picture of life there today.  So this talk is a kind of "then-and- now" presentation to compare present life and conditions in this remote part of he Australian desert with what it was like back then.” Richard Gould is a professor emeritus of Anthropology at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island and has been a member of the Adventurers’ Club since 2013

                                       Maple Garden, 909 Isenberg St, Honolulu, HI
     Parking: There are several spaces in the lot at the restaurant and some spaces along Isenberg. 
Free parking is available at the First Hawaiian Bank at Isenberg and King. Note the number of the space you use and report the number to the restaurant.
    Gourmet Chinese Buffet with more than 20 items including: cold ginger chicken, garlic
shrimp, honey spareribs, spicy eggplant, mixed vegetables, kung pao chicken, steamed fish
fillet, beef broccoli, soup, noodles, and dessert = $22
Teena Urban at or (808) 946-3551 (email preferred)
RSVP by: Thursday, Nov 10

Late cancellations and no shows will be billed - payment by check preferred

            October 20, 2016: A Panda Named Su-Lin                        
                       Outrigger Canoe Club...............................................
                       By Member: Jolly Young King.................................
      The Young family was intimately involved with the discovery and capture of giant pandas and rare pheasants. Starting with the Roosevelt Expedition in the late 1920s, the Youngs were instrumental in bringing the first pandas to the U.S., and several of their acquisitions are displayed at the Field Museum, Smithsonian, Museum of Natural History, Brookfield, Bronx and Houston Zoos, Chengdu Breeding Center as well as numerous private collections. Although naturalists and big game hunters in the1920s-1930s were male Caucasians (Great White Hunters), the Young Family is Chinese, hails from Maui and the Big Island, and included one individual who is recognized as the first American woman explorer of the Himalayas, Adelaide ‘Su- Lin’ Young. This was not a time of roads, cars, bridges, mail, and light-weight equipment. You bartered for or killed what you ate; you packed in your essentials; you were armed against bandits and you trekked for months. Accompanied by expe- dition photos – many from glass slides – the presentation covers aspects of Su-Lin’s accomplishments – why she was hon- ored with having the first live panda in captivity – as well as the San Diego Zoo’s 2005 baby panda - named after her, and recognized as 1 of 3 explorers that opened the East to the West: Marco Polo, Pere David, Su-Lin Young. In 1984 and 2002, Jolly Young King retraced the paths of the original panda expeditions assisting in the research of two books: Chasing the Panda and Lady and the Panda.  But, unlike the original expeditions, her treks were not on foot but by 4-wheel drive vehi- cle. She has been a member of the Adventurers’ Club since 2014. 
Cobb Salad: Chopped Crisp Greens, Tomato, Turkey, Egg, Avocado, Bacon = $20 
Beef Stew: Classic Beef Stew, Sweet Potato Crisp, Steamed Rice = $22
                     Mahi Mahi: Traditional preparation, spring vegetables, toasted almonds = $26
                     1/2 Mahi Mahi: Traditional preparation, spring vegetables, toasted almonds  = $23
Renate Ryan at or (808) 926-6226
RSVP by:  Thursday, Oct 13
                              Late cancellations and no shows will be billed- payment by check preferred


September 15, 2016: Adventurers in Hawai`i’s Business History
By Guest:  Bob Sigall
Do you know...
Why Tripler Army Medical Center came to be painted pink? Which bank was founded with a parade   of gold coins through downtown Honolulu? Why the restaurant chain (and this month's meeting venue) was named Zippy's? If not, Bob Sigall will tell us, along with enlightening and entertaining us with many more interesting stories and little-known details about Hawaii’s businesses, people, places and events, from the days of the Monarchy to the present. Bob is Hawaii’s “business historian.” He is the author of “The Companies We Keep,” now in its fourth volume, and also writes a popular weekly column for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, ”Rearview Mirror.” If you thought you knew about Hawai`i, you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know! Don’t miss this fascinating presenta- tion! Besides being an accomplished writer, Bob is a life-long entrepreneur, a business consultant, and teaches marketing and management at Hawaii Pacific University.
6:00 pm
Zippy's Vineyard, 59 N. Vineyard Blvd, corner of Maunakea Street Free parking in their large lot after 5:30pm


6:45 pm
Menu: (indicate your choices when you RSVP)
Charbroiled New York Steak (specify how you want it cooked) = $24.00 Grilled Salmon = $20.50
Chicken Katsu - breaded and deep fried, served with katsu sauce = $19.50
(Above entrees include salad, choice of mashed potato, brown or white rice)
Chef's Salad and Soup - greens, ham, turkey, cheddar, egg, tomato = $20.00 Zippy's famous Chili with choice of brown or white rice = $17.00
(All entrees include roll and small dessert and choice of tea, coffee, or decaf)
Beer and wine $3 - $6
7:30 pm


Erika Wyrtki at w y rt ki@ha w a  or (808) 949-2229
RSVP by:  Thursday, Sept 8
Late cancellations and no shows will be billed - payment by check preferred


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