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Adventurers' Club Jan - Apr 2015

                           January to April, 2015

Topic and Presenter
Jan 15
Mysteries of the Far North
and Russia’s White Sea
Janet Miller
Teena Urban at
or 946-3551 (email preferred)
Jan 13
Feb 19
Building Blocks of Western Civilization, Part I      Edward Carus
Renate Ryan at
Feb 17
Mar 19
The Marshall Islands
Cultural Tour
Caroline Yacoe
Janet Miller at
or 732-3506 (email preferred)
Mar 17
 Apr 16
Building Blocks of Western
Civilization, Part II
Edward Carus
Erika Wyrtki at
April 9
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Adventurers’ Club members/guests may only book a reservation via our reservationists.
** If making reservations via e-mail, please include the words: Adventurers’ Club Meeting and the Meeting Date If you have to leave a message or are sending an email, please include your phone number.
If unable to reach listed reservationist, please call Erika Wyrtki at 949-2229


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE—Outgoing and Incoming
You have undoubtedly noticed that the cost of food and meals at good restaurants continues to go up. We want to assure you that we are working very hard, and the restaurants we use are working with us, to keep the cost of the meals at our meetings as low as possible.  
                         Ralph Sprague, Outgoing President
        I have been drafted as president again. Thank you for the honor.
Although it will take a little time for me to get reacquainted with the requirements of the position, 
I look forward to getting involved after many years of absence from the board.
I suspect the issues are the usual ones: building membership; engaging speakers (although the talks have been excellent lately); and finding an affordable and convenient meeting location. Any suggestions will be appreciated -(808) 927-4682 or And members, how about rummaging through your archives and assembling talks on your greatest adventures?
          Again, thank you for giving me this opportunity.  
                                          Bob Liljestrand, Incoming President

Message from the Membership Chair
We are pleased to welcome Don Hamilton and Barbara Wallace to our membership. Get to know these well-travelled folks at the next meeting.
The annual membership renewal form is included in the newsletter. The deadline for renewal for 2015 is January 31.
Please attend to this at your earliest convenience to keep your information current.
Mahalo, Janet Miller Miller@HI808.US   -  (808) 732-3506

                                            APRIL 16, 2015
                Building Blocks of Western Civilization, Part II
                                   By Member Edward Carus

     Cruising aboard the M/Y Corinthian II, Ed and Pinkie Carus studied the ancient artifacts and history of the middle east.  They visited the places mentioned in Part 1, and they also visited the Greco/Roman colonies on the island of Patmos, the site of the ancient city of Ephesus on the west coast of Turkey, 50 to 300 AD., and Constantinople, now Istanbul, focusing on the history of 500 to 1500 AD and subsequently studying the Renaissance in Italy, 1200 to 1600 AD. What they studied and saw were the ancient philosophies, laws, social orders, and artifacts that have influenced and resulted in western civilization as we know it today.  Knowing about the history of the ancients helps us understand our modern customs, laws, and social practices today
6:00 pm
Waialae Country Club  -- (Not at the Pagoda)

6:45 pm             
Menu choices, inc. rolls & butter on the table, coffee & tea.
         Soup of the day and Caesar Salad with Chicker - $27.
         Fish of the day Chinese Style, white rice and seasonal veggies  $32.
         Roasted Tip Sirloin with demi sauce, white rice and seasonal veggies  $32.
         Please pay by check if at all possible
7:30 pm
Contact Erika Wyrtki 949-2229 by Thursday, April 9, 2015
Late cancellations and no shows will be billed.

                                                  MARCH 19, 2015
                                          The Marshall Islands Cultural Tour
                                       By Members Caroline Yacoe  and Bill Myers
                                                    Waialae Country Club
Caroline Yacoe & Bill Myers
    Beginning in 2001, Caroline Yacoe participated in the traditional healing program, the sailing races and the revival and revitalization of traditional Marshallese weaving. In the past, the weaving of traditional clothing mats gained Marshall Islanders the reputation of being the finest weavers in the Pacific. However, with the introduc- tion of western cloth the cultural symbolism and importance of these mats faded away. In 2005 Dr. Irene Ta’afaki, director of the University of the South Pacific in Majuro, Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands and Maria Kabua Fowler, a traditional leader and activist of the Marshall Islands visited the Bishop Museum. Delighted to see the collection of old Marshall Island mats they returned to Majuro with photos. After locating a few weavers who had retained their skills, the two leaders held a workshop and initiated an ongoing program that proved to be extremely successful.
        Today master weavers from outer islands such as Ailinglaplap, Likiap, Jalui, and Mejit continue to weave and teach. This revival has brought about an annual exhibit and auction which brings the art to life spreading their fame for weaving once more.  In addition these needy islands have a source of income.
         Caroline will also discuss the other unique Marshall Island traditions including asymmetrical sailing canoes, navigation charts, woven boxes, and jewelry.

Part of the audience
                                                     FEBRUARY 19, 2015
                                     Building Blocks of Western Civilization, Part I
                                                 By Member Edward Carus      
                                                     Waialae Country Club

Ed and Pinkie Carus cruised Italy in a small 
vessel from Naples to Paestum, Palermo, Syracuse, and going up the east coast of Italy to Venice. They took a three week voyage aboard the 100 passenger M/Y Corinthian II. During the trip they studied and photographed relics of ancient cultures which became in time some of the key building blocks of modern western civilization.  Four scholars aboard the Corinthian taught the passengers the history of more  than three thousand years.  They visited King Minos’s palace at Knossos, Crete, dated 1,800 to 1,500 BC, Troy, dated 1,000 BC and other ancient Greek cities in Italy and Sicily, dated 600 to 200 BC. Ed Carus will discuss his cruise and study of the thousands of years of history visiting historical sites in Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean.


                                         JANUARY 15, 2015
      Mysteries of the Far North and Russia’s White Sea
                                        By Member Janet Miller
     In July and August, 2014, Ralph and Janet Miller travelled throughout western and northern Russia going from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk and on to Arkangelsk. In Arkangelsk they boarded a small passenger ship to explore the islands and villages of the White Sea. They visited very old monasteries of the Russian Orthodox religion including Kizhi Island in Lake Onaga, Valaam Island monastery in Lake Ladaga and sev- eral in the Solovetsky archipelago.  The Solovetsky monastery, both a museum and a holy site for pilgrims, gives an opportunity to study the history of the Russian people from mid-15th century to the present.
    Visiting the villages along the shores of the White Sea was a unique cultural experience.  The people were friendly and welcoming, offering them tea and cookies.  One village had never had foreigners come to visit. Although the weather in the months of October through April gives the residents snow up to the eaves, the weather was warm.  The Millers were able to feed and pat beluga whales and were bombarded by thousands of nesting seabirds in a national park.  The tundra was colorful with wild flowers.
When the trip ended in Murmansk, they toured the first Russian nuclear powered ice-breaker, Lenin.
Janet will give a special prize to attendees who can give the answer to the question:
Why is the White Sea called white?

Congratulate your 2015 Officers and Board Members:
President:  Bob Liljestrand
Program Chair: Lowell Angell
Treasurer:  Ed Carus
Secretary:  Wendla Liljestrand
Membership Chair: Janet Miller
Board of Directors;
  Jerry Coiner, Judy Simon,
  Donna Wendt, Erika Wyrtki,
  Bill Arnemann                                    
Past President:  Ralph Sprague

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