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Adventurers' Club Newsletter Sep-Dec 2014

Newsletter: September to December, 2014

Topic and Presenter
Thursday - September 18
Encountering the Desert Aborigines of Australia Richard Gould
Wendla Liljestrand at or 554-9639 (email preferred)
Tuesday September 16
Thursday - October 16
Archaeology in the Polynesian Heartland 
of the Marquesas 
Barry Rolett

Gretchen Arnemann at 735-1818 (email preferred)
Tuesday October 14
Thursday - November 20
A Ten Year plus Residency in Outer Mongolia
Christopher Greywolf
Teena Urban at
or 946-3551 (email preferred)
Tuesday November 18
Thursday - December 11
Members Only entry - Adventurers Club Photo Contest
Donna Wendt
Erika Wyrtki at 949-2229
Tuesday December 9
*WCC (Waialae Country Club); MGR (Maple Garden Restaurant); PHR (Pagoda Hotel Restaurant); OCC (Outrigger Canoe Club)
Adventurers’ Club members/guests may only book a reservation via our reservationists.
** If making reservations via e-mail, please include the words: Adventurers’ Club Meeting and the Meeting Date If you have to leave a message or are sending an email, please include your phone number.
If unable to reach listed reservationist, please call Erika Wyrtki at 949-2229


The big news for the rest of the year is the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Club. The Board of Directors has decided to celebrate by sponsoring a sumptuous buffet at the Waialae Country Club for members. This event will be heavily subsidized. Members will enjoy a Grand Buffet worth $70 for only $20 each. Each member can bring up to 2 guests for only $35 each guest. Additional guests will pay full price of $70.

Don't get too preoccupied with the food. The real content of the meetings are the presentations. In September you'll hear about the aborigines of Australia. In October you'll meet the curator of the museum in the Marquesis Islands that is credited with a major revival of the Marquesan culture. In November you'll share the experiences of a professional swordsman, whose decendants are from the Blackfoot Nation, who spent 10 years living in a Yurt in Mongolia. And finally, the Favorite Photo Contest led by Donna Wendt in December.

Please notice the revised schedule. You’ll want to come early to have extra time to enjoy the buffet. Be sure to come a little early, have a sip of wine, and visit with your friends. The Adventurer's Club is becoming a real community.
Ralph Sprague

DECEMBER 11, 2014
Adventurers Club Photo Contest -entries by Members Only
By Member Donna Wendt
Please send Donna Wendt your best five Adventure / Travel Photos.  Please send your submissions by Nov 10 to including where they were taken and the year about 1 MB is a good size. JPG format is best, but other formats such as TIFF can be used. She suggests that you can also send photos as email attachments or even in the body of an email. Contact Donna if you have problems and she will help you out. Please do not send the same ones you sent last year. Be in attendance to speak a sentence or two about each picture you submit. There will be prizes!! 

                                                             DECEMBER 11, 2014
                              Adventurers Club Photo Contest -entries by Members Only
                                    PAGODA HOTEL  WEST CONFERENCE ROOM
                                                       By Member Donna Wendt

Please send Donna Wendt your best five Adventure / Travel Photos.  Please send  your submissions by Nov 10 to including where they were taken and the year about 1 MB is a good size. JPG format is best, but other formats such as TIFF can be used. She suggests that you can also send photos as email attachments or even in the body of an email.Contact Donna if you have problems and she will help you out. Please donot send the same ones you sent last year. Be in attendance to speak a sentence or two about each picture you submit. There will be prizes!!  
    Reservations Erika Wyrtki 949-2229 by Tuesday, December 9,2014

                                                     TOP PHOTO WINNERS:
Janet Miller  with Harp Seal Pup on Magdelen Islands, Quebec, Canada
Shark and diver photo by Ruth Limtiaco - Palau
Kim Case learuning falconary - Saudi Arabia


Selection of prizes for the evening


SEPTEMBER 18, 2014            
Encountering the Desert Aborigines of Australia

By Member Richard Gould
For two and a half years, Betsy and Richard Gould lived with and studied the Ngatatjara-speaking Aborigines of Australia's Western Desert. They were provided a close look at hunter-gatherers whose contact with Europeans had been minimal. Despite profound differences in their cultures, they befriended some people whose lives and abilities they came to appreciate. These Aborigines were living directly off the land in a stressful desert environment. Many of them made and used stone tools and practiced rock and cave painting. They were often presented with remarkable feats of adaptability in the face of tough conditions. Richard will sample the behavior they saw and discuss some of the unexpected ways in which these hunter-gatherers lived in arid Australia under difficult conditions for thousands of years. He will provide a "snapshot" in time of the way of life for the Aborigines in the 1960s.
Much has changed since those days for the Aborigines, and today they live quite differently because of interaction with the modern world. However, these people had traditional abilities that exceed today's reality TV shows. Richard will help us understand the Aborigines in ways that go beyond commonly-held stereotypes of the hunter-gatherers.


OCTOBER 16, 2014 
 60th Anniversary    Celebration 
Archaeology in the Polynesian Heartland of the Marquesas

By Guest Barry Rolett
The Marquesas are a remote and spectacularly beautiful group of ten high volcanic islands in central east Polynesia featuring verdant forests, rugged peaks, and turquoise seas. When visited by Captain Cook on his historic voyages, Marquesan chiefdoms were distinguished by their monumental architecture, elaborate art, and a religious system in which important ceremonies demanded. In the past, the culture featured highly competitive chiefdoms, as well as elaborate tattooing and decorative arts featuring the iconic tiki motif. Marquesan archaeological sites which included deeply stratified coastal dunes revealed one of the longest and richest historical sequences in the Pacific.

Professor Barry Rolett lives and works on the island of Tahuata in the Marquesas islands of the South Pacific. He is a member of the faculty of the University of Hawaii and, in addition, is subsidized by the Andover Foundation for Archaeological Research. As a student on a fellowship grant, Barry Rolett explored the South Pacific by plane, freighter, canoe and on foot, retracing Captain Cook's route on his second voyage. When Barry returned to the Marquesas, he elected to live on Tahuata in order to do his PhD research. He subsequently was adopted by a Marquesan family with seven sons. His adopted brothers and cousins became very interested in the research he was doing there. Part of his research had to do with the study of the Hanamiai Dune which has multiple century deposits with a wide range of terrestrial and marine species dating from 1025 AD to 1850 AD. He also established the Tahuata Museum collaborating with his adopted family as well as the University of Hawaii and the Andover Foundation.
Together with small teams of students and volunteers, Barry has led more than fifteen archaeological expeditions to uncover the past of the people of the Marquesas.
Barry has a longstanding and ongoing interest in the ways that Polynesians adapted to life on previously uninhabited islands. He collaborated in a study which endeavored to explain why some islands suffered human-induced environmental catastrophes, as on Easter Island, while others developed sustainable life styles that serve as a model for the modern world. Having just returned from the 2014 field season, Barry will describe all aspects of  this exciting project, including the latest discoveries, challenges, and plans for the future.

5:30 pm
Free parking in club lot: Waialae Country Club, 4997 Kahala Avenue
6:00 pm
The gala dinner will feature a deluxe buffet celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the club. Club members will partake of a grand buffet worth $70 for only $20 each and can bring up to 2 guests at $35 each. Additional guests must pay full price of $70 each.
7:15 pm
Gretchen Arnemann at (preferred) or call 735-1818 by Tuesday, October 14, 2014.
Late cancellations and no shows will be billed.


NOVEMBER 20, 2014            
A Ten Year plus Residency in Outer Mongolia
By Guest Christopher Greywolf

"Wolf" is a member of the Blackfoot Indian nation who lives in Honolulu and has a home based business. He is a single parent with two teenage children. When his then wife became pregnant with her first child in Hawaii, they agreed that she needed to be near her Mongolian parents for the birth of the son. At first they lived in a Soviet style apartment in the Bayangol district of Ulaan Baatar, the capitol of Mongolia. Because the economy was depressed in Mongolia at that time, Wolf worked as a volunteer at the National Museum of Mongolian History restoring artifacts and making replicas of armor and weapons. After the child was born, the family moved into a yurt or Ger, a felt covered round tent, in the countryside in an area of Arkhangai Province. Wolf herded horses, camels, and sheep just as it has been done traditionally for ages. Life was simple, and sometimes hard; the summers were very warm and the days were long. Winters were very cold getting down to below fifty degrees so that animals as well as people could freeze solid. He had wolves to contend with during those winters.
Wolf will describe the food and its preparation, religion and customs that are still current. He will wear traditional clothing as well as donning his armor. He will display a horse head fiddle which has two strings and bring a sample of Mongolian music. He will display a wolf pelt from a winter hunt. In addition, he will describe the national holiday and the Naadaam summer games, wrestling and horse racing. Modern changes are coming to Mongolia due to advances in mining. For those of us who are interested in visiting Mongolia, he will discuss the best time to go.

Teena Urban at or 946-3551 (email preferred) by Tuesday, November 18


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 Message from the Membership Chair
In August we welcome Carol Morse as a new member.  Carol has been travelling extensively since high school as the daughter of an air force pilot. Ask her about her recent cruise to South America.
Now it is time to expand the club to increase the fellowship, make new friends, and enjoy the presentations.  Think of your friends who enjoy travel.  Invite them as guests, and urge them to join.
Let me know and I will send a membership application.
Janet Miller
phone: 732-3506

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