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Newsletter: May to August, 2013

 Topic and Presenter

 -May 16
Four Days on Zanzibar
Ralph andJackie Sprague

  Erika Wyrtki at 949-2229
May 14
 -June 20
Molokai Solo
Bob Liljestrand

Mary Karyl Thorne at or 534-1545 (prefers email)
June 18
 -July 18
Voyage aboard the Aranui  Bill and Gretchen Arnemann

Teena Urban at or 946-3551 (email preferred)
July 16
Thursday -August 15
Sailing to Kauai
Steve Dixon
Wendla Liljestrand or 537-1989(email preferred)
August 13

*WCC (Waialae Country Club); TTR (Treetops Restaurant)
OCC (Outrigger Canoe Club)
Adventurers’ Club members/guests may only book a reservation via our reservationists.
** If making reservations via e-mail, please include the words:
Adventurers’ Club Meeting and the Meeting Date
If you have to leave a message or are sending an email, please include your phone number.
If unable to reach listed reservationist, please call Erika Wyrtki at 949-2229

Back by popular demand. The Coconut Island Walk. A walk around the island that has gone from the  playground of the rich and famous to Gilligan’s Island to the Marine Science Laboratory for UH. We will meet at the Heeia pier on Kaneohe Bay at 9:00am on Monday, June 24. A large boat (40 people) takes us to the island, doing a plankton tow on the way. The next two hours consists of a walking tour around the island on a gravel path. It is an easy walk, not much elevation, but anyone with trouble walking would not enjoy it. Tour guides will take us in small groups to explain the history of the island and discuss the various  flora and fauna along the route. The walk ends up at a beach house for lunch (everyone brings their own brown bag). The boat will take us back to the pier about 2pm.
        For more information see the club website/blog at and go to the end to find Coconut Island or Call Erika at 949-2229 for a reservation, then
send a check in less than 5 days. Price $15 each.
              Ralph Sprague

For Adventurers’ Club Information Visit:

JULY 2013
Voyage aboard the Aranui
By Member Bill Arnemann and Guest Gretchen Arnemann
Thursday, July 18 at Treetops Restaurant, 3737 Manoa Road

The Aranui is a supply and mail boat which goes to Papeete, Tahiti, and sails among the Marquesas; in addition to carrying supplies for the various islands, the Aranui also takes approximately 200 passengers. From Papeete, the vessel goes first to Fakarava, next to UaPou, then Nuku Hiva, to Hiva Oa, continuing to Fatu Hiva, to Tahuata, on to Ua Huka, moving on to Rangiroa, and back to Papeete, a fourteen day journey. When the Aranui reaches its' destination, passengers disembark. While the supply vessel is unloading, delivering supplies and off loading mail, passengers are touring the island and are often the recipient of local hospitality including singing and dancing.  For several years, conversations regarding the trips aboard the Aranui have been heard during Adventurers Club meetings; several members have taken this trip. Bill and Gretchen Arnemann took this cruise in 2012. Bill stated that this trip is very economical in comparison with other cruises since the upfront cost of the cruise includes all of the land tours and all of the food.  The Marquesas Islands are a mix of low coral atolls rising little more than three meters above the ocean and soaring volcanic islands with jagged peaks reaching up to 2,241 meters out of the sea. The Marquesas and the other exquisite Islands of that area cover more than two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of 118 islands and atolls spread over five great archipelagos. Many islands are crowned with jagged peaks while others appear to barely float above the breaking waves. Spanning an area in the South Pacific as large as Western Europe, the total land mass of all the islands adds up to an area only slightly larger than the tiny state of Rhode Island.  Come aboard the Aranui and visit the islands of the Marquesas with Bill and Gretchen Arnemann.

Cocktails 6:00 pm Free parking in the restaurant’s parking lot
Dinner 6:45 pm Buffet usually consisting of Steamed Mahi Mahi, Eggplant with minced pork, Vegetable Tempura, Chicken with choice of sauce, Teriyaki Steak, assorted greens and fruit salad; steamed rice and rolls; and Assorted cakes—$22.00
Wine available on cash basis—$3.00
  All orders include tea or coffee
  Program 7:30 pm (Approximately)
Reservations Contact: 
         Teena Urban at or 946-3551 by Tuesday, July 16 (email preferred)
Late cancellations and no shows will be billed.

AUGUST, 2013
Sailing to Kauai
By Guest Steve Dixon
Thursday, August 15 at Outrigger Canoe Club, 2509 Kalakaua Avenue
Captain Steve Dixon will feature his Voyage to Kauai presentation. Dixon, a lawyer by trade, is author of "The Hawaiian Voyages of the Ono Jimmy", available at A Hawaii adventure sailor for over 20 years, Steve will discuss a three week cruise to Hanalei Bay, on beautiful Kauai, one of Steve's favorite cruises. He will discuss his cruising plan, way-stops, favorite moorings and anchorages along the way around Oahu. On this particular trip crossing the Kauai Channel, they were fishing as sailors often do, and hooked up two large ahi. Although they lost one, they were able to pull in a 150 pound ahi, which fed a number of people for two weeks. Steve will discuss their week of adventure in Hanalei Bay, and rafting up the Hanalei River. On the return trip, he and his crew came sailing back to Oahu via Nawiliwili, and Ko'Olina Marina, Oahu. Come listen to hear what it is like to be a sailor who spends countless hours at many anchorages in the state of Hawaii.

Cocktails 6:00 pm Free parking in the club’s parking lot
  Dinner 6:45 pm Menu Choices:
Soup and Caesar Salad……….……...$22
Cobb Salad……………….…………….$20
OCC Beef Stew……….……..….……..$20
OCC Mahi Mahi…………………….….$24
1/2 OCC Mahi Mahi…………………...$17
Boneless Kalbi Ribs…………….……..$27
  Coffee by Token
  Program 7:30 pm (Approximately)
Reservations Contact Wendla Liljestrand at or 537-1989 by Tuesday,
August 13(email preferred) Late cancellations and no shows will be billed.
Message from the Membership Chair
Please welcome the following 11new members and 1 reinstated member to the Adventurers’ Club:
Richard and Elizabeth Gould Jay and Betty Rego
Doug and Sheila Seifers, Cynthia Robbens, Natalie Mahoney, Lori Fulton
Paul DeMare, Laura McIntyre, Jane Butler (reinstated)
Intrepid explorers and adventurers all—we look forward to their participation and in some cases a
promised program. Welcome aboard!
Fran Dieudonne


JUNE, 2013
Molokai Solo
By Member Bob Liljestrand
Thursday, June 20 at Treetops Restaurant, 3737 Manoa Road

Adventurers’ member Bob Liljestrand will present his own film, Molokai Solo, a documentary which features shots of Molokai’s sea cliffs. Bob made eleven trips down the sixty mile coast of Molokai in a sixteen foot Avon inflatable boat and shot 12,000 feet of film using only 2,500 of them. During his project,  Bob rolled once, lost a tape recorder, and swallowed a gallon of sea water for his efforts. This film puts the watcher at sea level under the volcanic sea cliffs of Molokai which are said to be the highest in the world. The only time kayaking is possible is in August and September, and Bob says that even then the waves climb sixty feet up the sheer cliffs before the observer.  This documentary is accompanied by original music by Kapono Beamer and includes narrative from Audrey Sutherland, author of “Paddling My Own Canoe”. “Molokai Solo” has been featured at the Hawaii International Film Festival, was shown at the American Film Institute Fest in Los Angeles, and received a gold award at the Chicago International Film Festival.
Bob Liljestrand at Tree Tops after the great video

Audrey as seen in 2010

MAY, 2013
Four Days on Zanzibar
By Members Ralph and Jackie Sprague
Thursday, May 16 at Waialae Country Club, 4997 Kahala Avenue

In 2010, Ralph and Jackie Sprague spent four days on Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean. Having four days in a gap between a river cruise and a safari, they looked to find an interesting region near the start of a safari in Tanzania. Going online they made reservations at the Africa House in Stone Town, Zanzibar.  This small hotel dates back 150 years and originally was the property of a slave trader. Subsequently, it was given to the Sultan of Zanzibar, and eventually it became the English Club of East Africa. Stone Town is a UNESCO world heritage site.     Breakfasting on the terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean, they watched the dhows go by; these are long thin sailboats with lanteen style movable masts and sails. The local museum “House of Wonders” which was built in 1883 for the second sultan of Zanzibar was an interesting stop. Zanzibar was a center of the slave trade in Africa.  At the site of the old slave market on Zanzibar today is a huge cathedral; the high altar of the St. Joseph’s Cathedral is the former site of the whipping post for the slaves of former centuries. From the balcony of the museum, one could see over into the Old Fort which was built in the 1700s to protect the town from the Portuguese. In the 1600s spice farms were planted which grew such spices as nutmeg, turmeric, vanilla, cardamom, pepper, and bread fruit. Come visit Zanzibar and see scenes from a friendly place in the world where most people will never go.
Stone Town, Zanzibar
Jackie at a Spice Farm in Zanzibar

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