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Adventurers' Club Newsletter Jan - Apr 2013

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The main theme of these messages recently has been the value of the friendship and
fellowship that members enjoy when we get together to learn about interesting and distant
places and share our travel stories. Now the Board of Directors has approved a membership
drive, led by the Membership Chair, Fran Dieudonne, that makes it easy for you to invite
your friends to join. See the flyer for details, or talk to Fran. More members means even
more friendship, food, fellowship and fun to go with our excellent programs.
Ralph Sprague
APRIL, 2013 
Four months in Argentina, Patagonia, and Chile 
By Guest Chris Jansen 
Thur, April 18 at Outrigger Canoe Club, 2509 Kalakaua Ave
In 2010 and 2011, Chris Jansen, a geologist, and his wife spent a total of four months in Argentina, Patagonia, and Chile. They took two treks in Patagonia visiting Torres do Paine and the Fitzroy region. In both places they saw areas of huge granitic intrusive rocks into mountain ranges that were carved by massive and still advancing glaciers. They took day road trips by car focused on the Lake District around San Carlos de Bartiloche, Mendosa, Puerto Varas, and Santiago. Transportation for them included long-haul modern buses for inter-city transport. Ferries and buses carried them to navigate several lakes that ultimately crossed the Andes. In addition, a small cruise ship transported them to explore the North Patagonia Ice field. In order to get to El Calafate for some treks, and to get to the Brazilian border to visit Iguazo Falls, they flew in small planes.   Spend time virtually in South America with a geological bent on this trip by Chris Jensen to see areas of the world most of us will never have the chance to visit. 
Chris Jansen 
Cemetery where Evita is buried in Buenos Aires, Argentina

MARCH 2013
By the Water: Images From A First Visit to India,
27 Days by Rail in 2009
By Guest Linda Laurence
Thursday, March 21 at Treetops Restaurant, 3737 Manoa Road
So many legends from ancient India take place by water -- a river, a lake, a pond, etc. Guest speaker Linda Laurence set her itinerary largely on legends. She wanted “to walk where the legends walked.” From New Delhi, slideshow viewers will go north to the lower Himalayas, to Rishkesh, where sages of old lived and meditated on the banks of the Ganges; then south to Chennai (aka Madras) by the ocean, where St. Thomas was martyred in 72 AD; to Thanjavur in the Kaveri River delta to explore a 16th c. palace; to Kanyakumari at the southern-most tip of the subcontinent; and then back north to Pushkar town and lake, on the edge of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, an area which is replete with famous legends. A native of Hawaii, Linda has an M.A. in Oriental (Indic/Sanskrit) Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.
From Childhood Imagination ----- To A Real-Life Experience

  A beautiful presentation was appreciated by almost 50 members and guests at Tree Tops.  Linda, an admitted "arm chair traveler" pulled out all the stops and became an intrepid traveler.  She was not exactly "fearless" but none the less she set out on achieving goals of experiencing the places where legends began and of discovering the real beauty of India and its people.


~~~~~~~~~~~IN MEMORIAM~~~~~~~~~~
James R. (Dick) Bunker
Posted On January 11th, 2013 - Honolulu Star Advertiser
"Jan. 6, 2013 James R. “Dick” Bunker, 87, of Honolulu, a retired executive director for the American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific, died. He was born in Texas. He is survived by nephew Frank and nieces Diane Bunker and Beth Williams. Private services. Donations suggested to the American Cancer Society, Hope Lodge Hawaii, 2370 Nuuanu Ave., Honolulu, HI 96817"
(Dick was a long-time member of the Adventurer's Club and held many offices, the latest being Advisor to the President.  His last meeting was the Dec 2013 Christmas Party.  He was even a US Navy Seal.

Cruise to Tahiti in a Thirty-Five foot Sailboat 
By Guest Bill Leary 
Thur, Feb 21 at Outrigger Canoe Club, 2509 Kalakaua Ave
Aboard a 35 foot sailboat, Moku pe'a, Bill Leary sailed from Hawaii to French Polynesia with only his 19 year old daughter, Kara as crew. Taking five months for passage in June, 2011, they experienced difficulty with the boat's rudder when the structure holding it together failed 400 miles from Papeete. They managed to jury-rig the rudder and limped into port safely, making temporary repairs in Tahiti that held for the rest of the voyage. Once safely in Papeete, Bill and Kara were joined by Bill's wife, Lori, and experienced three months of exploring Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Tahaa, Raiatea, and Bora Bora by boat. Their experiences included diving in crystal clear tranquil lagoons, exhilarating mountain hiking, biking, and taking in the culture together with the spectacular beauty of Tahiti.   Join us for a virtual "Cruise to Tahiti" getting up close to the water with  Bill, Kara, and Lori in their personal sailboat, Moku pe'a.
Bill Leary

Kara approaching Tahiti
In Moorea

Kara atop an island

Lori and Bill Leary in Tahiti 2011


Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument
By Member Edward Carus
Thursday, January 17 at Treetops Restaurant, 3737 Manoa Road

A decade before the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument was established in 2006, the 139,797 square mile area was only known as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The long narrow National Monument includes many reefs, a few small islands and a number of low atolls between Niihau and Midway. A sailing crew of two including Ed Carus as the captain/owner of the 40 foot cutter, Aeolus, and an additional documentary film team of three from Television New Zealand were ferried to this section of the sea. The group sailed from Honolulu to Laysan Island with a stop in French Frigate Shoals. The purpose of this trip was to film the unique bird life there. There are two or three endangered species of land birds and millions of sea birds which make these specks of land their nesting grounds. Please join Ed and his crew for a virtual sail and view of the fascinating wild life on these remote islands.
Bob Liljestrand reading 60 yr old letter to organize  Adventurers' Club

Gretchen Neal giving memorial about Dick Bunker
Jackie Sprague, Program Chair

Teena Urban giving memorial to her husband Darrow Aiona

Ed Carus keynote speaker of the evening on a Laysan Island & French Frigate Shoals movie making excursion in 1990
The goal was to film the endemic birds of the island before they became extinct


Message from the Membership Chair: 

      Check out the flyer on the Pre-60th Anniversary Membership Drive.

      During the drive from January 1, 2013 through March 31, 2013, new members will have several good reasons to join. There will be no initiation fee, membership dues for the first year will be $25 instead of $35, and it comes with an invitation to a special event to get acquainted with each other and the members of the Board of Directors.
      So contact your adventure-minded friends and get them to join, and then we'll have even more fellowship as we enjoy our excellent programs.

 Call Fran Dieudonne for an application form at 947-1827.


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