Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This blog will exist to relay information from the Adventurers' Club of Honolulu Hawaii to members and interested adventurers.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep a current list of future programs similar to what is published in the Club paper newsletter.  If there are changes to the program, I hope to note them on this blog.    Donna Wendt


  1. Donna. Nice going! What a wonderful effort! You know, some of the members, such as myself, would love to opt out of the paper mailings altogether (except for the annual membership roster) and simply use this wonderful site that you've created to stay informed of Club happenings.

  2. terrific site! agree that you can send us the schedule via email instead of snail. as a memory-jiggler- would prefer YOU to sent it to us every quarter instead of us having to remember to go look for it. possible, please? looks like great program for spring! christmas party w/super-quiz also looks good! nice fotos! thank you!!! blessings of love & laughter, jack and eulalia

  3. Michael, Jack and Eulalia: Problem is I am only offering this blog as a back-up to the mailed newsletter. I am not always at home due to my many travels and I'd hate to disappoint someone relying solely on the blog for information. Perhaps some other arrangements could be made to have a monthly e-mail reminder and program info sent to the membership??


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