Wednesday, June 16, 2010

August 19, 2010 - Fossils That Tell Stories

The August meeting of the Adventurers Club of Honolulu was
 "Fossils That Tell Stories" by Guest Keith Krueger
 This meeting was at the TreeTops Restaurant as our usual venues are not available this month.   "Keith Krueger has been an environmental activist, lecturer for the Bishop Museum and a producer of t-shirts both outlandish and sophisticated enough to be sold by the Smithsonian Institute.  With examples he has collected, Keith demonstrated how to look at fossils and hear just what they have to say about their origin.  This presentation featured a collection of fossils that have taken years to assemble - they come from many parts of the world, and some of them are unique enough to be worthy of being displayed in museums.  Fossils of this nature are snapshots into the history of our planet and will allow viewers to see evidence of events that happened millions of years ago.  This is a rare opportunity in a place as geologically young as Hawaii - come and enjoy."   Keith offers to check out any fossils you might have and be puzzeled about - you can call him at (808) 239-5958.

      Donna Wendt also gave a presentation as tribute to Master Navigator, Mau Piailug, who recently passed away on his home island of Satawal in Micronesia.  Mau navigated Hokule'a's first voyage to Tahiti in 1976 and taught Nainoa Thompson and other Hawaiians about non-instrument navigation.

      The  Treetop Restaurant is at the end of Manoa Road at Paradise Park at 3737 Manoa Road, Honolulu.  A full buffet is offered for $22.  Parking is accessed by driving under the pedestrian bridge and circle up to the parking lot.  The Manoa Falls parking lot is nearby, and the Lyon Arboretum is just up the little road.

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