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Aloha Adventurers!

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the last quarter of a very unusual year and I thank you for adjusting to the changes we have had to make. As you can see, your Board of Directors has moved this quarter’s meetings to Zoom, since it seems quite unlikely we can meet in person at our usual venues. We would like to acknowledge members Kitty Austria, Lowell Angell and Stacey Thomas & Michael Dalesandro who had volunteered as reservationists for the 4th quarter.

It’s also coming up to the time when we hold our elections. In accordance with our bylaws, prior to the October meeting you will receive the slate of candidates for election as directors and officers for the coming term. The slate, along with any additional nominations from the floor, will be voted on by members attending the November meeting. The new directors and officers will be installed at the December meeting. If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact me at, or our Elections Committee Chair, past-president Lowell Angell at or (808) 988-2098.

Please join us for the interesting meetings we have scheduled in the coming months.
     Carolyn Gire


ZOOM MEETINGS      Please check out page 2 for Zoom (online) meeting updates.

VOLUNTEER HELP NEEDED!    Our Club runs smoothly only because a dedicated corps of members do the many tasks necessary to make it all happen. Besides your elected officers and directors, we have volunteer members who take your reservation for the meetings. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please consider helping by taking reservations or by serving on the board. We would love to have you and you’ll be helping your Club!

FUTURE SPEAKERS/PROGRAMS  Know of a good future speaker or program (maybe yourself!)? Tell our 1st Vice-President/Program Chair, Bill Chapman about it. Email him at:



1. The RSVP date for our Zoom meetings is the Sunday before.

2. The link to sign on to the meeting is sent on Monday morning, to the email address you used to RSVP. Please check to make sure you have received it and contact Carolyn if you don’t get it via email

3. Guests are welcome to online meetings at no charge. When you RSVP for your guest, please provide their name and whether they will view with you or separately. If they will use their own device, please provide their email. It is your responsibility to send the link on to them once it is sent to you

4. Finally, did you know that the identifier that shows on Zoom is the name you use to set up your device? For most of us, it’s our name or something like Carolyn’s iPad. But sometimes it’s something like Tutu’s iPhone or someone else’s name. This makes it difficult for the host to identify you, and in the interests of making our calls secure while admitting our members and guests, please let Carolyn know if you have a “secret identity”.


October 15, 2020      (Zoom) 

“Joseph Francis Charles Rock in Yunnan China”

             by member Jerry Coiner

Joseph Rock was an explorer, geographer, botanist, and linguist, well-known to anyone interested in the history of botany in Hawaii. From 1919 to 1949 he was a National Geographical Society Explorer, stationed in Tibet. A native of Vienna, Rock worked for a time at Mills College (later Mid-Pacific Institute) and was the first botanist in the Territory of Hawaii’s fledgling forestry department, later joining the University of Hawaii’s faculty. Jerry has been researching his life and work for many years and will concentrate on Rock’s work in China and Tibet. 

Dr. Jerry Coiner holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Kansas. He and his wife Eloise have traveled extensively throughout Asia and the Pacific. He is an active member of the Rotary and also of the Hawaiian Philatelic Society, where he serves as Treasurer He is the author of numerous scholarly articles on agriculture, vegetation change, urbanism, and climate. Before coming to Hawai‘i, Dr. Coiner was with the Department of Geology and Geography, Hunter College, City University of New York, New York, New York.

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RSVP EMAIL - Please send your reservations to Carolyn Gire at  

           by October 11, 2020


November 19, 2020        (Zoom)

             “Wave Woman—The Story of 

Betty Pembroke Heldreich Winstedt & Hawaiian Surfing”

               by member Vicky Durand

Wave Woman is the untold story of an adventurer whose zest for life and learning kept her alive for ninety-eight years. Betty Pembroke Heldreich Winstedt was the granddaughter of Mormon pioneers who, after spending an active and athletic childhood in Salt Lake City, moved to Santa Monica with her family and enrolled at USC to study dental hygiene. Betty went on to elope with a man she hardly knew, and to have two daughters. In middle age, Betty finally followed her dream of living near the ocean; she moved to Hawaii and, at age forty-one, took up surfing. She lived and surfed at Waikiki during the golden years of the mid-1950s and was a pioneer surfer at Makaha Beach. She was competitive in early big-wave surfing championships and was among the first women to compete in Lima, Peru, where she won first place. Betty was an Olympic hopeful, a pilot, a mother, a sculptor, a jeweler, a builder, a fisherwoman, an ATV rider, and a potter who lived life her way, dealing with adversity and heartache on her own stoic terms. A love letter from a daughter to her larger-than-life mother, Wave Woman will speak to any woman searching for self-confidence, fulfillment, and happiness.

Vicky Durand, a longtime member of the Adventurers Club, first fell in love with Hawaii in the mid-1950's at age twelve, when she spent a summer with relatives on the island of Molokai. Returning home, she talked her mother Betty into a Hawaiian trip the following summer. By the following winter, the adventurous Betty had moved her two young daughters to Honolulu. Vicky spent her teenage years surfing with her mother. They competed in the annual Makaha International Surfing Championships. Together, they were invited to Lima, Peru, to promote women's surfing. Looking back at Vicky and Betty's evolving relationship, Betty always told Vicky that every day was an adventure. Never afraid of the difficult challenges ahead, Betty inspired Vicky to take new challenges

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RSVP EMAIL - Please send your reservations to Carolyn Gire at  

           by November 15, 2020


December 19, 2020      ----  To Be Determined

Unfortunately, because we are using Zoom for this meeting, we will not be able to do our traditional, much anticipated photo contest. It just wouldn’t be the same experience without being together in person to enjoy camaraderie and Donna’s wonderful contest results and prizes! We are working on something different and will have more details soon.



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