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Adventurers Club Newsletter July to Sep 2020

       July to September 2020 Newsletter

Hello Adventurers!
     The last few months have been a very different experience for all of us as we have stayed home, lined up six feet apart with our masks on when we do go out, and navigated cancelling trips when we are much more used to making reservations! We have become more comfortable with meetings via Zoom, which has allowed us to continue our ACH meetings, although many of us are looking forward to being together in person.
      We originally planned to have our July meeting at the Outrigger Canoe Club, but they are not yet able to accommodate groups larger than ten, so we have changed to Zoom for July. As Hawaii’s COVID-19 recovery progresses, and because recovery rules change with little notice, our planned meetings may change. Please look for the monthly reminder from Crystal on the first of each month, where we will note any changes, which may be the location but can also be the speaker. Not all our speakers are able to present via Zoom, for a variety of reasons, and COVID-19 has altered our speakers’ schedules as well.
I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Aloha, Carolyn Gire, President
    The RSVP date for our Zoom meetings is the Sunday before. The link to sign
on to the meeting is sent on the Monday morning, to the email address you
used to RSVP. Please check to make sure you have received it and contact
   Carolyn if you don’t get it via email at
   Guests are welcome to online meetings at no charge. After the June meeting,
where members RSVP’d for 12 guests, we are making a small change in
procedure. The guests’ names are needed whether they will watch with you,
or link in separately. If the latter, I need their emails, but I will ask you to pass
on the link to them.
    Finally, did you know that the identifier that shows on Zoom is the name you
use to set up your device? For most of us, it’s our name or something like
Carolyn’s iPad. But sometimes it’s something like Tutu’s iPhone or someone
else’s name. This makes it difficult for the host to identify you, and in the
interests of making our calls secure while admitting our members and guests,
please let Carolyn know if you have a “secret identity”. Mahalo!

1. Adventurers' Club guests MUST be booked by a Club member via that month’s reservationist.
2. There is a $5 surcharge for any guests NOT Adventurer’s Club full members.
3. When emailing your reservations, put "ADV CLUB RSVP" as subject. Please include your phone number when emailing or telephoning RSVPs.
4. The reservationist will email (or telephone) a confirmation of your RSVP. If you don’t receive a
confirmation, email/telephone AGAIN. If you get no response or are unable to contact the listed
reservationist, please email Carolyn Gire at
5. To insure fairness to all members and to our reservationists, RSVPs will only be accepted beginning the FIRST DAY OF EACH MONTH for that month’s program.
6. Once you have given your entree choice, it IS NOT POSSIBLE to change it. Please kokua!
7. Payment by check is preferred, payable to "Adventurers' Club of Honolulu."
8. Late cancellations and no-shows will be billed.
                                      Spread the word about the Adventurers' Club!
Tell your friends about us and our programs, or consider inviting them as a guest to future programs!

July 16, 2020 (Zoom) - by member Jim Harwood
Mauna Kea: Early Planning and Development
    Astronomer Jim Harwood will talk about the early years of astronomy on Mauna Kea and Haleakala, as part of the UH Institute for Astronomy. As Jim explains, the talk will cover “How astronomy started on Mauna Kea, and the experiences of those who observed in primitive and dangerous conditions far away from any human contact night after night during 1965-1967 to determine the best site on the mountain for a major telescope, NASA's proposed 88" reflector, then the 6th largest in the world.”
    Jim was an optical instrumentation engineer at the time of that project, is now retired as the former computer systems engineer for telescope control at the UH Institute for Astronomy. He holds a BA in physics from Columbia University. Before his work supervising the operations of the Mauna Kea Site Evaluation program, he was the optical instrumentation engineer for a shipboard program sponsored by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (US Defense Dept.) studying re-entries of ballistic missiles launched on the Atlantic Missile Range, 1958-1964. The program took place on a converted Liberty Ship, outfitted with radars and instrumentation mounts. The ship participated in the
atomic tests at Johnston Island in 1962, working out of Honolulu that year. That Honolulu experience motivated Jim to return to Hawaii when the ARPA shipboard project ended in 1964.
CHANGE TO ZOOM MEETING - Not at Maple Garden
August 20, 2020 — by guest Dave Beilman
Biogeography and Climate Change
     UHM Associate Professor, Dr. Beilman , will discuss decades of work as a geographer & environmental scientist, covering his fieldwork in Russia, the Canadian Arctic, and Antarctica. As Dr. Beilman explains: “The Antarctic Peninsula is one of the Earth’s fastest warming regions and is experiencing rapid ecological change. During a fiveweek research cruise in March 2020, he visited sites along four hundred kilometers of the western Peninsula studying plants and soils. He will describe his work using a drone to observe the continent’s surface & discuss the implications for changes in the Southern Ocean, marine ecosystems & plant growth on land.”
     Dr Beilman holds a PhD from UCLA, a MSc from the University of Alberta in Canada, followed by post-doctoral study at Queen’s University in Belfast, UK. He was born & raised in western Canada & spent his early days “appreciating the serene northern forests & majestic Rocky Mountains of western North America.” His PhD dissertation was on carbon hotspots in West Siberia, Russia.
  [    SEE later post about this being a ZOOM meeting ]
  NEW TOPIC --- see above...

September 17, 2020 — by member Ed Carus
Travel on the Mekong: Angkor Wat and Other Sites
    Travel with Ed on a tour of the Mekong River, stretching from Laos to the Vietnam Delta. Always an enjoyable Adventurers’ Club speaker, Ed will provide highlights of the voyage and take his audience on side trips along the way.  You’ll see exciting aspects of this important waterway which has provided transportation and sustenance and served as a vital part of daily life along its banks.
     The Mekong River is the lifeline of Laos and much of mainland Southeast Asia. It originates in the Yunnan Province of China, travels south, forming the boundary between Laos and other countries such as Myanmar and Thailand.
   Location 6:00 pm Outrigger Canoe Club - 2509 Kalakaua Avenue, Free parking in club lot
Dinner/Menu 6:45 pm
Menu: Please include order with RSVP. Payment by check preferred please.
1. Curried Chicken Salad in Papaya: Mango chutney, mixed greens, red grapes = $20
2. Thai Vegetable Curry: A slightly spicy vegan curry = $20
3. Mahi Mahi: Traditional preparation, spring vegetables, rice, toasted almonds = $31
4. 1/2 Mahi Mahi: Traditional preparation, spring vegetables, rice, toasted almonds = $24
Reminder: Coffee/Tea NOT included with your meal. Drink tickets must be purchased with
cash upon check-in along with beer, wine, mixed drinks and soft drinks. PLEASE NOTE: No Drink
Scrip will be sold after 6:30 pm. Please buy whatever you will need when you check in. You
may use your scrip during the evening to order drinks.
Program 7:30 pm (Approximately)
RSVP  Email  Preferred  Contact  Lowell Angell, or call (808) 988-2098
RSVP by: Thursday, September 10, 2020
Late cancellations and no shows will be billed

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