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Adventurers Club Newsletter Sep-Dec 2015

 NEWSLETTER:  September to December 2015

DECEMBER 10th location is


DECEMBER 10, 2015— Adventurers’ Club Holiday Photo Show
              [Members Only can submit  Photos to  Contest]
By Member  Donna Wendt
 Please send Donna Wendt your best five Adventure / Travel Photos. Members, please send your submissions by December 3 to Donwen@aol.com including where they were taken and the year, giving numbers for the photos as well as their captions. JPG format is best, but other formats such as TIFF can be used.She suggests that you can also send photos as email attachments or even 
in the body of an email. 5 MB is the largest you should send per photo. 
      Contact Donna if you have problems and she will help you out. Please do not send the same ones you sent last year. Be in attendance to speak a sentence or two about each picture you submit. There will be prizes for the winners, and a door prize drawing at the end for those present!!  Everyone invited.  
   A venue was booked at the newly opened TREE TOPS Restaurant .  3737 Manoa Road, Honolulu.  It's at the end of the valley on Manoa Road by the Manoa Falls trailhead.  Free parking on upper hill.
6:00 pm
Location is a surprise!     TREE TOPS IT IS!!
6:45 pm
Buffet - amazing assortment of food and desserts.
7:30 pm
$30 members $35 guests
  Erika Wyrtki at 949-2229 or wyrtki@hawaiiantel.net Reserve by the evening of Thursday, December 3.
Late cancellations and no shows will be billed.

Coming Soon….     Some future Adventurers' Club programs:

 A Heritage of Ruins: The Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia and Their Conservation - Professor Bill Chapman

Tyranny and Insurgency in Post-War Burma - Keith Lorenz

Turkey - Jackie Sprague

Know of a good future speaker or program (maybe yourself!)?
Tell our Program Chair Lowell Angell about it.
Email him at   angell@hawaii.edu


NOVEMBER 19, 2015—
India: Complicated, Awesome, and Challenged
By Guest Eldon Wegner, Ph.D.

Eldon Wegner
Prior to his trip to India, Dr. Wegner was astounded by friends’ negative responses 
of terrible hygienic conditions, pollution, poor people living on sidewalks, and every
 disease known to humankind. Think of the opening scenes of the recent Academy
 Award  winning movie Slumdog Millionaire.
India, however, is one of the oldest civilizations with a highly refined culture and 
stunning cultural treasures which reflect its complicated history and the highly 
diverse influences of the waves of different ethnic and religious groups over 
thousands of years. These are reflected in the elaborate and stunning religious
practices and traditions, literature, music and dance, andamazing architecture, 
and are visible in the recent movies,
 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
. The ability for such diverse communities to live together with mutual respect and
 tolerance is awesome.
India also suffers from horrible levels of corruption among public officials, and 
exploitation of workers including children. But it is also known for its deep spiritual
 traditions, for ashrams, for disciplines such as yoga, for honoring the non-violent 
work of Gandhi and supporting the selfless work of Mother Teresa. People journey
 to India from all over the world seeking spiritual enlightenment and inner peace, and
 large numbers of them return again and again for spiritual nourishment.
On his trip, Dr. Wegner attempted to understand how these contradictory images live
 side by side and what the allure was which so many Westerners find when encountering 
the country. He toured Northern India and visited many spectacular historical and 
awesome temples and palaces, which will be the primary focus of his presentation.
Eldon Wegner is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at UH-Manoa, where he taught for 38 years.   He has traveled extensively throughout Western and Eastern Europe on sabbatical leaves 
and frequent summer visits. Following his retirement in 2008 and with his passion for
 learning how people live in different cultures, he has been exploring other
 parts of the world.
6:00 pm
Pagoda Hotel—1525 Rycroft Street
The parking lot for the Pagoda is on Rycroft Street. 
6:45 pm
Special Pre-Thanksgiving Buffet Dinner

 Lots of Buffet selections, including deserts.  
$30 current members; $35 for guests.
7:30 pm
Teena Urban at uteena@aol.com or 946-3551 (email preferred) Reserve by the evening of Thursday, November 12.

Proper attire for mosque   India


OCTOBER 15, 2015—
Southeast Asia: Ancient Wonders and Modern Life
By Member Ann Wilby
During a six-week backpacking adventure through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, Ann experienced the wonders of ancient temples and palaces juxtaposed with bustling modern life and activities. Her journey covered places of both historical and current interest, including Bangkok's Golden Temple, Cambodia's Temples at Angkor and Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, and Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An.
Ann has been an independent traveler since her early 20's, and worked in public and 
private schools most of her life, with her last position at Punahou School for 20 years as a school psychologist. She has also led educational tours to China and Southeast Asia during summer vacations in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Now retired, she is a student at UH through the SEED program and still travels and backpacks, most recently in French Polynesia a couple months ago. The pictures she will be sharing were 
taken on a 6 week backpacking trip to Thailand, Cambodia,and Vietnam in 2013.       

6:00 pm
Free parking in club lot: Waialae Country Club, 
4997  Kahala Avenue
6:45 pm
Rolls and butter on the table
Salad with Chicken & Soup  .$27.00 
Salad & Soup of the Day … ..$25.00 
Fish of the Day………………....…. $32.00 
Roasted  Sirloin…………………….  $32.00

7:30 pm
Janet Miller at miller@hi808.us or 732-3506 Reserve by the evening of 
Thursday, October 8.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2015—Peru: Endless Opportunities
By Member Kim Case
Kim writes: “In the taxi ride in from Lima International Airport, I saw a sign on
 a van that said, “Peru, Endless Opportunities”. Despite the standstill, congested,
 rush hour traffic at that time; Iknew that this would be a very special trip. Without 
any reservations, excepting a Machu Picchu entry ticket, my journey began.
For 3 weeks, I traveled alone and with my niece to some lesser-visited places in good 
old backpacking style.”
The trip covered the high altitudes of the Cordillera Blanca, the mystical Chavin de
 Huantar Unesco site, a local tribal Sunday market, Cusco (the ancient Incan capital),
 hiking in the back route to magical Machu Picchu, surfing down sand-dunes, heading 
to the poor man’sGalapagos back to central historic Lima.
“Our trip clicked as if on a tour, as within minutes we found ourselves on boats, buses,
 or taxi to take us to our next locale. Flying by the seat of our pants, we discovered the
 endless opportunities in Peru.”
Kim Case has traveled over 50 countries and worked as an ex-pat RN for over 6 years
 in the Middle East, in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. She spent 6 months (way back) in 
Ireland trying to master the fiddle. She dreams of running a “Boot Camp” for travelers
 to teach independent travel   skills. Kim is the Executive Director for Shanti Village, 
a non-profit helping the Shanti School in Nepal, and is leaving Hawaii in October to
 do long- term volunteer work at the school.
6:00 pm
Pagoda Hotel—1525 Rycroft Street
The parking lot for the Pagoda is on Rycroft Street. 
Park on the upper or lower level and use the parking 
machine to pay $1 per hour. A
dditional parking is in the ROSS building 
across the street, also $1 per hour.
6:45 pm

7:30 pm
Renate Ryan at renateryan@hotmail.com or 926-6226 Reserve by the evening of Thursday, September 10.

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