Thursday, May 19, 2011

August 2011 Adventurers' Club Meeting Honolulu

August 2011

"Sights and Life in Micronesia"
By Guest Margo Vitarelli
Thursday Aug 18th at Waialae Country Club, 4997 Kahala Ave

Margo Vitarelli, currently the educational director of Manoa Heritage Center, comes from an artistic family who farm in Haiku, Maui. Margo lived and worked for sixteen years in Micronesia, mainly in the Palau Islands where she worked at Belau National Museum on projects related to the culture and the arts of that area. Micronesia is a mysterious and poorly understood composition of tiny island groups which cover an area as big as the continental U.S. Each of those islands has its' own culture and language. There are ancient stone fortresses in the jungle, tiny atolls about to disappear into the sea and inland lakes full of jellyfish. The local people there exercise traditional birth rituals. Woodcarving is one of their work specialties. We will be shown scenes from Micronesia revealing the traditional culture, the daily lifestyle, and some historic sites in that region. .
Margo Vitarelli
Members wearing purple for Eulalia
President Gretchen Neal

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